Clinic Services

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At Grace Veterinary Clinic we understand that your pet is a family member. It is our goal to provide you with the highest level of medical care and the compassion you expect for your furry family member. Listed below are a wide range of veterinary services we offer in order to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Preventative Care. Prevention is truly the best medicine, so we develop a vaccination and preventative health plan that fits your pet’s individual needs.

Internal Medicine. Even with the best care, pets can become ill. Grace Veterinary Clinic has the most recent and advanced information to diagnose and treat medical issues in pets.

Special Diets. From our high-protein and 100% grain-free quality pet foods to our veterinary prescription diets, we carry a variety of foods to meet your pet’s specific dietary needs.

House Calls. For those anxious pets or for the multi-pet households, Grace Veterinary Clinic offers home visits. These are the ultimate convenience in pet care for times when coming into the vet’s office just will not work.

Emergency Care. During business hours, emergency cases are handled as they are presented. After business hours, we ask that you please contact the Animal Emergency Clinic located at: 1333 Wabash Ave., Springfield, IL, (217) 698-0870.

Hey! Don’t forget to check out our Vet Visit Calculator to get a better idea of costs and pricing for the above services.