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After Hour Emergencies: 217-698-0870 

Internal Medicine: Even with the best care, pets can become ill. Grace Veterinary Clinic has the most recent and advanced information to diagnose and treat medical issues in pets.

Special Diets: We offer veterinary prescription diets to meet your pet’s specific dietary/medical needs.

Physical Therapy & Rehab Services: Dr. Danielle Rahe is our local Rehab Specialist. Our Rehab services are ideal for elderly pets, weight loss programs, and/or post surgical cases.

Ultrasound: We offer both Echo-cardiogram and Ultrasound services that are interpreted by a Board Certifies Radiologist for the most accurate diagnosis.

Emergency Care: During business hours, emergency cases are handled as they are presented. After business hours, we ask that you please contact the Animal Emergency Clinic located at: 1333 Wabash Ave., Springfield, IL, at 217-698-0870.

Microchipping: We recommend having your kitten microchipped, which serves as a  permanent identification.  If lost and turned into or shelter or veterinary office, the kitten would be scanned with a chip reader, which easily picks up a number that corresponds to your name and phone number.  We use AVID microchips.  Be sure to enroll your pet in AVID’s membership service, PETtrac, which has many benefits.

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