Dog Information

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We recommend having your puppy microchipped, which serves as a permanent identification.  If lost ad turned into or shelter or  veterinary
office, the puppy would be scanned with a chip reader, which easily picks up a number that corresponds to your  name and phone number.
We use AVID microchips.  Be sure to enroll  your pet in AVID’s membership service, PETtrac, which has many benefits.

Pet Insurance

Do yourself and your new puppy a favor by enrolling in pet insurance as soon as possible.  Most companies won’t cover pre-existing conditions, so the best time to enroll is when your puppy is perfectly healthy!

For more information:


The Animal Emergency Clinic is located at
1333 Wabash Ave, Springfield IL.   Hours are Monday – Thurs 6PM – 8AM and
Friday 6PM -Monday 8AM.
They are also open 24 hours on all holidays.

Phone: 217-698-0870