Chewing Vs. Biting

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Puppies love to explore their world with their mouths – and they have no idea how sharp those little teeth are!  When puppy gets a bit over zealous with the biting, keep in mind the following:

- Our hands (feet, clothes, etc) are not toys!

- Respond the same way a puppy playmate might – a high pitched yelp!  The louder and
more dramatic, the better!

- Don’t punish-no swatting, holding muzzle or yelling.

- Instead, turn your back, hide your hands and ignore puppy.

- Redirect puppy’s chewing needs to be an appropriate toy and PRAISE him when he   chews the right things!!

- No ‘tug of war’ or similar competitive games with puppy – these tend to promote aggressive behaviors.

Luckily, those sharp teeth start to fall out around 5-6 months of age!  Chewing will continue (it’s part of being a dog), but it will be gentler if you help him learn appropriate behavior as a puppy.

Destructive or dangerous chewing can be discouraged with:

- Bitter Apple or Chew Guard Spray
- Providing puppy with many appropriate chew toys
- Cover electrical cords with PVC piping
- Crate Training
- Keeping dangerous or valuable items out of reach!