Rico "The Loveable Bully" - ADOPTED

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Added on September 26, 2016

Everyone, meet Rico! He was diagnosed with terminal cancer but he is in great spirits and is currently being fostered with our Practice Manager, Christina. He is a very sweet boy and boy does he loves cuddles! He seems to have a very calm disposition and does well with cats. He is calm around other dogs but doesn't like to share his food with any other pet- signs of some food aggression noted so he will need to be fed separately and away from other pets; but there are no signs of food aggression with human friends :)  

Rico is considered a hospice patient, as he only has an estimated life expectancy of about 23 months left to live (as of Sept 2016). If he is lucky, Rico can potential have a 47% chance of living up to 4 years. Close attention to any changes in his behavior must be monitored and follow up vet care will be needed in his future.

If you know of anybody who's interested in providing a home for a dog who truly deserves it, please contact Christina at Grace Vet Clinic at 217-697-8231. Rico does great in a country settling off the leash and stays right by your side on trail walks. He doesn't have any interest in chasing any of the stray cats, squirrels, or chickens while on his walks. He would do great in a family environment with kids (5yrs and up) but would be great for a single family too.

All potential adopters will be screened VERY closely due to Rico's special needs.