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Added on September 13, 2016

Grace is a beautiful 23 month old female Great Dane and her birthday is on October 17. She has a beautiful spirit and loves attention, just like a typical Great Dane! Unfortunately, her owner is faced with one of the toughest decisions he has had to make by finding Grace a new forever home. Her owner is being sent overseas for work and is unable to take Grace with him. 

That being said, he will be looking for an owner that understands the importance of a proper and balanced diet that is required for Great Danes. Grace DOES NOT eat any human food and she has only been fed a high quality dog food. So keeping Grace on her current diet regimen is a must, as subjecting Grace to a sudden dietary change that she is not accustomed to may indeed cause large amounts of diarrhea in the house; and you and will be calling a contractor rather than a carpet cleaner ;) Lol

Grace is very good around children and other dogs. She sometimes forgets how big she is, but for the most part, she is careful not to knock little ones around. But when she is in a full sprint, get out of the way! :) Grace is completely housebroken and has been since she was three months old. She likes to sleep in comfortable places but is also absolutely comfortable in her crate as well. Dr. Minder has been her veterinarian since she was brought home as a pup. She is also up-to-date on all of her vaccines.

Grace has been on year-round monthly preventions including: intestinal parasites control, flea & tick prevention, and heartworm preventative. Grace would be a great family dog but she would also be a wonderful companion for a single person. It is extremely important that her adoptive family understand the responsibilities and pro/cons that come with owning a Great Dane.

If you are interested in adopting Gracie feel free to contact her current owner, David G., with any additional questions and/or concerns at: 618-402-1429. Please know that potential adopters for Grace will be heavily screened.

You can also contact Christina at Grace Vet Clinic at 217-697-8231 with any other questions.